Project Result Example

FaceReader Online produces results on your project fully automatically. This enables you to access the results almost instantly and means that unless you specifically request our help in interpreting the results, all data and all results will be yours and yours alone.

Statistical data

The results of a project are available in the form of summarizing tables which show e.g. the mean emotional response on a video or stimulus within a video. These tables also allow you to quickly compare the emotional responses between groups (based on independent variables provided) and between videos/stimuli.

You can group your participants and see the results seperated by group. For each media file you can see the average distribution of the response of your participant groups. But you can also see temporal results side by side with your media file.

Below you can interact with the results of a small study done under 40 participants, were each participant watched an advertisement from Axe. You can see the average results, and create charts for all participant groups, media episodes.

Loading chart data...
Subdivide by episode of interest
Group / Media file / EpisodeNNeutralHappySadAngrySurprisedScaredDisgustedValenceArousal
All Participants290.5650.2720.1020.0980.0420.1600.1320.2170.0490.1130.0190.0520.0150.022-0.0810.2920.3230.076
Axe Peace (Make Love, Not War).mp4290.5650.2720.1020.0980.0420.1600.1320.2170.0490.1130.0190.0520.0150.022-0.0810.2920.3230.076
Axe Peace (Make Love, Not War).mp4170.6010.2590.0880.0940.0150.0320.1620.2400.0380.0820.0100.0260.0130.020-0.0930.2680.3470.070
Axe Peace (Make Love, Not War).mp4120.5130.2830.1240.0990.0810.2410.0880.1710.0660.1450.0330.0730.0170.024-0.0640.3210.2890.071

Even more

Providing you ask your participant's permission, you get access to the individual video recordings of all participants. Allowing you to review and filter your test panel if necessary.

For those who want to get even deeper into the data; all results can be exported to your 'offline' FaceReader environment. This allows you to review all participant recordings and gives you access to a large number of analyses tools and visualization options.