The use of the FaceReader Online service is based on a credit system. The costs are one credit per minute of participant analysis, paid per second.* You can buy credits separately or buy them in yearly subscription bundles with big discounts. We offer a platform where you can use this technology to create your own cutting edge studies. If you are looking for more help with finding participants or creating reports, we offer complete service packages as well.

Pay per credit
per credit
Initial welcome pack of 300 credits for 500 required
Minimum purchase of 200 credits
SAVE 67%
Remote Lab
for max. 6000 credits per year
Enough for 10-30 studies a year**
Maximum 3 active projects simultaneously
One bundle can be used by one organization
Unlimited Remote Lab
for unlimited credits per year
Maximum 3 active projects simultaneously
One bundle can be used by one organization
Subject to a fair use policy***

If you wish to try FaceReader Online, please contact us for a trial account

*) A minimal charge of 1 credit per analyzed recording applies.
**) E.g. 20 studies x 150 participants x 2 minutes = 6.000 credits
***) Expected use of 20.000 credits per year and maximum stimulus length of 5 minutes per stimulus

Complete Service

Do you want to know the emotional impact of a commercial in the easiest way you can imagine? Get implicit and explicit insights into your consumer response with this full service report. We can take care of programming the survey and getting the right participant panel. With a basic project, you can get a standardized report with insights from 2 short videos with important questions on attitude and content evaluation. Or you can get a premium project where our team of facial expression experts will deliver a marketing report with scientific quality. See below for a description and price of the different services.

Interested? Contact us, to help you set it up.

Complete Service
Custom Project
starting 4.000
Include a participant panel
Survey creation & reporting
Tell us your needs and we will make a quote
Complete Service
Basic Project
100 participants from the general population of 1 country
2 video advertisements
Basic report including standard questions
Complete Service
Premium Project
250 participants from 1 country (with specification options)
up to 10 videos or website tasks
Premium report including flexible questions

How to purchase?

If you are not yet a registered customer, please contact us to arrange the initial payment and setup your account. We'll then help you to get started with full support from both our technical engineers and consumer research experts.

Once you are a customer, you can easily purchase additional credits through the website, or using a bank transfer.